Image: Blockchain technology - Black circuit board with processors Image: Blockchain technology - Black circuit board with processors


Blockchain is a decentralized process of sharing and tracking information about transactions and assets in a network. This technology allows us to build complex applications writing few lines of code and create secure, efficient, fast and cheap systems.

Image: Data visualization tools - graphs and charts printed on a paper

10 best big data visualization tools

The visualization of data is a technique for understanding and make sense of it. If you’re considering a career in data science, you’ve got to pick up the right tools to analyze your data. The right tools will help you be more efficient and take fast and right decisions with the data you collect from your devices, apps or software.

Image: Deep learning frameworks on frames

8 Best frameworks for deep learning in 2020

A deep learning framework is a combination of interfaces, libraries, and tools used to define and train machine learning models in a fast and precise way. To train deep learning models we need a framework that handles the interaction between layers and makes the development process quick by learning from the data you insert and make decisions automatically.

Image: DCBA robot

What is Machine learning and why bother learning it?

Machine learning is a term that became very popular in recent years. This is a subset of artificial intelligence and it’s a technology being used to power many gadgets, apps, and software developed by big companies and startups. Learn its concepts in this article, explained in simple words for anyone with a background in technology or not.

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